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Nicholas Sherman Quinn: You walking is the remains.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: I prefer Sugar-free outcheck sweetners.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: That's new gaming of the dears peoples.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: I'm try to smoking out of land this our groups. This our groups of opptents. What is scene there's no wait half... That here we come of this delicious of the Scum!!! and is this mounth. The legends has return.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: There is no created of detected.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Under the round is here, Formers left.

Best Mission 2 Edit

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: I'm greek is that meaning of this. This is my daugther peoples life in the news left paper.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: The new left opptents become of volcano.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Over is a Hand. Anything. Has peoples life has hoppy. In Hopper peoples life ANYONE.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: And for your information, Look at you i got that whole world, I got no regrest man.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: You must in there for once of land.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: It's here. (Officer Frank: GET THEM!)

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Hurry. (Ballu Rox: He can't hurry? Ahh Incoming?)

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Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Hey Ballu! You know that Tenpenny gonna rub you out too. (Ballu Rox: Nicholas you got it all wrong pal. Tenpenny was the one saving your ass! Every time I wanted to get rid of you, he'd find some excuse to keep you alive, but now it's up to me now and I ain't such a fuckin' soft touch. So, how's your sister? I've always had a thing for her. Tenpenny and I got some great shots of her and her Varrio boyfriend going at it like a couple of horny Chihuahuas. Man, does she put out like a pro!) Screw you, Ballu  know what you're trying to do, and you ain't gonna crawl inside my head. (Ballu Rox: I ain't kidding! It's the best stake-out I ever done! Nicholas Sherman. you should have seen your mom before she was buried. She was a real mess - most of her face was hanging off!) Don't fucking talk about my moms! (Ballu Rox: The boys, you know, they fooled around with her at the scene, you know... touching her, joking around and shit.) Fuck you, Ballu. FUCK YOU! (Ballu Rox: Heh heh heh.)

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Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Just a little bit of party. I heard you was down. So I gotta gift from B Dup.

Ballu Rox: Come on now, I can't do that.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: C'mon, Sweet, come on - make sure you enjoy this. This is a rich man's high. All the players are doing it. I know you're gonna enjoy this. It takes the pain away...

Ballu Rox: Oh, yeah?

(Sweet nearly lights a drug pipe as Carl arrives.)

Doggy Don: Oh, what the hell you doin'?!

Ballu Rox: Shit. Man, everything is 'caine, 'caine, 'caine. Man, I just wanna see what's so good.

Doggy Don: What's wrong with you, man?

Ballu Rox: Man, this shit already destroyed the whole 'hood. I... I might as well let it destroy me, too.

Doggy Don: Man, you don't need that shit, Sweet.

Ballu Rox: What do you know about this? THIS is what it boils down to now.

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Come on, Sweet. Toke the smoke.

Doggy Don: Hey, man, that shit'll steal your heart. You can't see that? This bitch talks nice to you and this is what you do?

Ballu Rox: Aw, fuck this!

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: You're going to have to deal with B Dup.

Doggy Don: What? B DUP? We can handle that shit right now. Get your ass outta here. Bitch!

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Best Mission 10 Edit

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: Any half is near huh? (Ballu Rox: You know that huh!) You never stop me huh. I'm Going to die. (Officer Frank punches Nicholas Sherman Quinn is Neck) (Officer Frank fight Nicholas Sherman Quinn) (Nicholas Sherman Quinn fight Nicholas Quinn)

Wait second: 23 Edit

Nicholas Sherman Quinn: (Officer Frank: Any last words Fredricksen? Come on, Spit it out!)

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(Heroes All fight)

(Villains all fight)

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Wait second: 5 Edit

(Create: Rain and Wind)

Wait second: 3 Edit

Ballu Rox: Rain!

(Nicholas Sherman Quinn lands before him)(Ballu Rox: Hopper) You think its over? (Ballu Rox: No, no, no. No, I can explain--) All your little stunt did was buy them time! (Ballu Rox: No, please! Please, Hopper) (Nicholas Sherman Quinn grabs Ballu Rox by the throat) I'll get more grasshoppers and be back next season. But, you won't! (the bird appear them; Nicholas Sherman Quinn looks up and notices the bird) Well, what's this, another one of your little bird tricks?  (Ballu Rox: Yep) Are there a bunch of little girls in this one, too? Hello, girls! (the bird shrieks) AAAAAH!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!

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(Anais: Zira, give me your hard?) (Nicholas Sherman Quinn not punches Anais).... (Anais: Zira, Come on?) (Nicholas Sherman Quinn this by the downer of rock) (Anais: I'll help you?) (Nicholas Sherman Quinn of the rock down) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

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