Patch Parables

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5+ (still airing)


Patchman, ShePatch

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What is Patch Parables?Edit

"Patch Parables is the second "Spirit Science” Series by Jordan. While Spirit Science was the left-brain understanding of “intro to spirituality”, Patch Parables seeks to develop the right brain, the “knowing” and “doing” and “being” aspects of understanding. I feel that this side of ourselves must be developed before we can move forward. We can question and look at ancient history and the emerald tablets and ponder about the sphinx, but unless we look within our hearts and learn to co-exist in a state of now-ness all of the time to live and love with everyone in abundance, we will ultimately keep pushing forward on this downward spiral of destruction and no true peace shall come of this chaos.

"Patch Parables focuses on philosophies on life, new understandings about self, and ways of living that are different than our own present understanding about life. Enjoy!"

- Quoted from 'About Patch Parables'

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