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Jordan Spiritpatch

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About PatchmanEdit

Patchman is the embodiment of the collective consciousness of the planet, and all of the information that it holds. The consciousness manifests in our 3rd dimension as an animated character called Patchman. Patchman holds no secrets, and wears his patches for everyone to see! One patch mirrors your right brain, the other mirrors your heart. He is teaching that everything you want to know, you already know! Spirit is eternal, and it exists within each and every one of us, through our hearts and our minds. We are captivated by the eternal and mystical universe we see beyond us, and we are beginning to grasp that we were the ones who created this world to begin with.

Patchman is an uncarved block, like in Tauist teachings. He is a being of light and guidance. He reflects that essence within each and every one of us. He is that he is.

And he's made of cotton candy.

~ Spiritpatch

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