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Jordan Duchnycz

About Spirit QuestEdit

Spirit Quest is a video-blog series by Jordan Duchnycz, the artist behind Spirit Science. After finishing Season 1 of Spirit Science, he sold all of his things and set off on the road, traveling wherever the winds of the universe took him. This series is ever ongoing, and continues to look at the world from a different perspective.

Jordan's Introduction to Spirit QuestEdit

"Hey everyone, Jordan here. Spirit Quest is actually my own personal video blog series, but it’s not just ANY video blog series. Spirit Quest is the adventure of a lifetime. With Spirit Science, I tried to explain the research and revelations I had about who we are and what were capable of. It is you might say, the Left Brain of my life. One of the main things that I really wanted others to experience was the understanding that you can have, do, or be ANYTHING that you want! I feel that way and through spirit science i tried to explain the logical side of how it works from a more spiritual-scientific perspective.

"With Spirit Quest, I am showing you. I am living my life in a way that not many people do these days, and those who do, don’t make it public and broadcast their adventures. I am traveling wherever the winds of the universe takes me, and adventuring off and doing whatever I want, all while exploring and researching more about all of these topics, whether they be spiritual, scientific, esoteric, occult, or whatever!

"Don’t get me wrong, the purpose of Spirit Quest isn’t to tell YOU that you should travel and do what i’m doing. Not at all! I’m trying to show you that YOU are all possibility!. You can do anything, you can have anything, you can be anything! You just have to know what you want, and follow your heart. As you’ll see in Spirit Quest, that’s all it takes, and the universe is your playground."

- Quoted from 'About Spirit Quest'

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