Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections

Spirit Science 19 ~ Cosmic Connections



What a majestic universe we live in, that the primordial elements of the stars dance their way into such intricate consciousness to the tune of sacred geometry and the rhythm of the heart. ~starsailer~

spirit science: cosmic connections
lesson 19 everything is connected

Everything is connected and each & every topic in spirit science is connected too, perhaps in a way deeper than any of us might know. In a nutshell thats really what Spirit Science is about, we are making connections. Connections about our understanding of reality, and ideas about way that things work on a physical, quantum, metaphysical, spiritual, and all manner of ways.

If we find things are not connected, we can add new points to find the connections the way that science is hoping that the highs boson can bridge some gaps between the standard model of physics and understand other things such as consciousness and gravity. Adding new connections like sacred geometry do just that.

Sacred geometry shows us how biological systems interact with eachother in nature and we can copy it to become more intune with nature and everything and ourselves. All of these ideas are connected, we just have to look at the patterns as to how. We can fractal this idea larger and larger just as an animal exists as part of the eco system it is connected to, so too do we have a connection to our planet in a way that is almost cosmic in nature.

In learning to recognize the patterns that exist such as the trinity between the life giving sun, mother earth, and you we can learn to understand ourselves in a powerful way. If you get one thing out of this series would hope that i would be able to inspire you to look inward and look at yourself and the events in your life in a new way look deeper at the world all around you. It is important to let go of ideas that no longer serve you

The realization I have come to is that all of us, every single person on this planet, are cosmic beings of life and light in the universe. We share a space with all of the energy of infinity and it's about acknowledging that information and energy and tuning yourself into it. You are a receiver of cosmic information.

Science now shows that we are all made of stardust, the remenence of exploding stars we have developed our own unique consciousness based on our previous geometry. If our consciousness came from a star then whats to say that star and the rest of the universe doesn't also have its own unique consciousness. Though this is not entirely understood yet.

(Performance philosopher, artist & film director) Jason Silva on what it means to connect the dots.
<Jason Silva>To Understand is To See Patterns
True comprehension comes when dots are revealed and you get the steven johnsons long view and you see the big picture.
patterns patterns patterns.
recurring patterns across different scales of reality.
paul stabits talks about the miceleo archetype and how the info sharing systems that comprise the internet look exactly like model of dark matter in the universe which look exactly like the neurons of the brain.
they all share the same intertwinkle filamental structure.
It's the rise of networkism as big data, advocates talk about how man made systemsare looking exactly like natural systems.
The more we can measure the more we can visualize.
& the more visualize the more it expands our consciousness
seeing these recurring patterns across scales of reality blows my mind
and i think that technology increasingly is becoming an expander of human consciousness. it extends our thought, reach and vision revealing so much more
cities are really like organisms
alleys are like capillaries
how is it possible that a man made, artificial technological system is behaving like a natural system. the more efficient it becomes the more it looks like nature
it makes me optimistic like steven johnson said:
look, if we can understand this stuff anything becomes possible
its the adjacent possible standing as sort of the shadow future representing the ways the present can invent itself.</Jason Silva>
20120910 mandala 12

A lot of people are hesitant about the conjunction of spirit with science.
Magic can happen when powerful entities come together
It is the nature of physics and our own sun is a fusion reactor
fusion is when particles combine
bringing together with lots of energy which creates life for the planet
fission is when particles tear apart
creates bombs with destructive and not so much energy
which creates death and suffering

I find it really interesting too, as the discussion of god has been the most sought discussion of our evolution and history for thousands of years. Ideas like god, source, spirit and essence are all ideas that can be used to expand perception of everything in the universe to a broader more encompassing understanding, less of a creator god charicature typically perceived as.

If you look deep beyond all of the dogma of any religion, and yes theres lots of dogma and really get intune with the ideas themselves. god or source has always been described as the creation force of the universe itself. the creation force of reality the driving life essence that moves through everything.
In modern science we pretend that this is not the question we are asking but it really is.

We can see scientifically that everything in reality is vibrating waves of light
and we can look to our ancient past to see that pretty much everyone says that the light itself is the creation force. not just in the bible that the light came first. pretty much every ancient culture believed this from mayans to egyptians.
We are coming full circle, the leading theories and ideas about the universe now depict how the entire reality is like a giant living organism that grows and evolves and manifests new things.
The big bang is the breath of source energy from which everything manifested. all of the parameters for the structures of the universe were defined within the first nano seconds of the bigbang. it wasn't random, there was a fundamental pattern at the core of that creation. it was geometric in nature. the creative expression of the universe manifests as our reality that we are a part of and we too are creators within in that creation free to create whatever we want limited only by our imaginations and ability to spill our thoughts over from our minds and into the physical world.

Here's the spirit science theory: is it possible that what spirit or god is is actually this hierarchy of awareness of consciousness as it manifests at different levels of existence through the universe.

consciousness itself is not this extrapolated aspect of the universe that we just happen to inhabit, nor is it only subject to exist through biological life but rather the whole of the universe itself is conscious. and thats how it exists in the first place
If the sun provides the life essence for the planet then that energy must be alive in some sense of the word. though scientifically we are having trouble comprehending it
This idea basically says that just as a blood cell is a conscious begin that coexists within your body as a part of it. so too are we just one blood cell to our planet mother earth who is a conscious being. completely aware of you in every which way, mentally emotionally physically and spiritually  you are a part of her you are a part of her system

We are creating hurt separation and war on this planet and she in turn is hurting too, & by healing our selves, we are healing her.

The next revelation is that creation and evolution are two sides of the same coin
the creation force itself is consciousness and evolution is the change that creation experiences as it continues to create more, as its understanding grows
this is demonstrated through the life and death of a star or the life and death of a cell. especially if death is not the end but a recreation a transition of energy into a new state of being. that would make sense especially when we conceder how we came from exploding stars.
in fibonochi we continually add the current number to the previous to expand the spiral and continue growing what we are doing now is taking our modern understanding of the world and the universe and adding all of our ancient understanding to it
the ancients told us that god existed within and the keys to the universe lie in our hearts
Jesus and Buddha taught that through love we can become the gods that we truly are and now it is time to step into that .
as move forward into the future the time has come to reconnect with ourselves and step into devine revolation through truth love and oneness

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