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You can have, do, or be, ANYTHING you want. This week, Patchman dives into the unknown by discussing a very simple topic. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you. Or rather, how you can empower yourself to live in the moment by controlling your thoughts and emotions, and guiding yourself the way that you want to be guided, rather than allowing modern society to tell you how to feel and what to think.

At the end we discuss the work of researcher Masaru Emoto, an amazing being who has been diving deep into what it means to understand Water. Lesson 20 covers this as well, and if you'd like, check out his book here! Link

Just as you create your own reality, we are also co-creating our realities together. We are a collective! As a community, a city, a country, and a species, we decide where we want to go and how we want to flow. It is up to us to decide what happens next in the epic tale that is the human race, but change has to start from an individual level.

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January 20th 2012

Thoughts is the first episode of Spirit Science, published to YouTube in April 11, 2011.


The original video was released on April 11th 2011 on both YouTube and Newgrounds. The revised edition of this video was released on January 20th 2012 onto YouTube.

Spirit Science 1 - Thoughts (Revised)

Spirit Science 1 - Thoughts (Revised)

Spirit Science 1 - Thoughts (Revised Edition)

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Video description

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The transcript for this video can be found here.

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The revised edition, released onto YouTube on January 20th 2012, added two new sections:

The first new section, located from 8:44 to 10:16, explains that, although we can create our own reality, we are living in a collective reality which can prevent many people from creating their realities; the example given was children starving in Africa.

The second new section, located from 11:05 to 11:46, explains how to go about creating your own reality, and what things you really want, and thus what you want to change in your reality.

The transcript above includes these additions; the first can be located as the two paragraphs beginning, Remember, just as you are creating... and Sometimes we're seemingly forced into scenarios..., and the second can be located as the paragraph beginning, What can you do to change things?.


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