About the title sequenceEdit

  • Season One
  • Season Two
The music used in Season One and Season Two of Spirit Science is 'Inspiration' by Tilkanuts.

Season One (Episodes 1-12)Edit

The sequence begins with Patchman meditating. His spirit floats upwards out of his body (see Astral Projection) and stretches before floating upwards out of shot whilst the Spirit Science logo fades in top-left. The circular pattern shown on the front of the podium in the episode rolls in from the right and the episode's title appears bottom-left.

Season Two (Episodes 13-ongoing)Edit

A closed white Eye of Horus fades onto a black background. As the eye opens, the music starts and a four-spiral pattern swirls outward from the pupil. Six green circles of equal size swirl out one at a time anti-clockwise, forming the Seed of Life. This is followed by streams of white light and a translucent blue and purple taijitu ('Yin-Yang Symbol') spinning out from the centre of the pupil, followed by a fade to white. This then fades into a grassy field on the edge of a forest with purple-leaved trees, where (left to right) The Atlantis King, a brown silhouette resembling Lilly, a winged green silhouette (unidentified) and Patchman are meditating. The view swings upwards showing a mountain on the left with a flapping object at the summit, and the sun in the top-left at the centre of an opaque blue Flower of Life in front of a transcluent larger reddy-brown Flower of Life. The logo fades in centre and the episode's title fades in bottom right.


Inspiration by Tilkanuts on The Audio Portal